“BBA” Buyer/Broker Agreement


The State of Virginia requires written notice about agency relationships “at the time substantive discussions begin regarding specific real estate property.” Realtors who are dedicated to practicing in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the NVAR Board of Realtors will discuss the “BBA” early in the Agent/Buyer communication.

Here are the basics about a Brokerage/Buyer Agreement – also known as a “BBA”:

  • “BBA” is standard operating procedure in Virginia and required by all Brokerages.  
  • “BBA” formalizes the business relationship between a Buyer and their Agent. It establishes loyalty to one another during the search for and purchase of real estate.
  • “BBA” has a beginning and end date. Those dates are negotiable.
  • “BBA” is more of an “engagement” than a “marriage”. With written notice, a Buyer can terminate a BBA with little fanfare or drama if they decide to “go in a different direction”. 
  • “BBA” protects a Buyer. Purchasing real estate is an important financial decision. As an “unrepresented party”, a Buyer takes a risk. Buyers deserve and need an advocate working in their best interest during the home search period, inspections, negotiations, and closing.

Protect YOUR Interests with the negotiating skills and expert advice of a Realtor®.

For Buyers, the real estate services of the KTeamAdvantage are always FREE OF CHARGE.

Clients who “hire us as their Buyer’s Agent” are never charged a retainer or cancellation fee.

Compensation to our Brokerage, Samson Properties, is received after a KTeamAdvantage Buyer’s Agent guides a client through the home search and purchase process to a successful closing.


  • Home Sellers Pay All Commmissions
  • No compensation is ever received from recommended Vendors such as Mortgage Lenders, Home & Pest Inspectors, Title Companies, Septic & Well Inspectors, Trade Specialists…just to name a few.
  • We have complete trust in our recommended vendors. We know they’ll do a great job.
  • Most importantly, our clients to closing on time which is worth its weight in gold!!!

It would be the KTeamAdvantage’s pleasure to assist you in finding a new home at a great price with the features and benefits you desire.

Rest assured Samson Properties and all members of the KTeamAdvantage will do everything possible to minimize the stress and maximize the excitement of the home buying process.

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